Ülle Toming Tegevliige

Dance teacher, dancer, singer, actor, writer

Born February 16, 1955 in Tallinn


1973 Ballet artist at Tallinn Choreography School (L. Leetmaa class)

1975 Performer of the ERF Stage Studio

1983 Ed. Vilde's name Dance teacher at Tallinn Pedagogical Institute, specializing in cultural education

1999 defended Master's degree: Magister Artium (research degree) in the field of cultural history: "Character Dance on Estonian 20th Century Dance Stages", leader. prof. Lea Tormis, EMA (opponents Marina Kessler, theater Estonia and Kalju Haan, ETMM)

Lectures at foreign universities

2007, 2008 Arts Academy at Turku Polytechnic Dance Department - Character Dance Practical Classes (16 hours) ERASMUS

2003, 2002, 2001 Dance Department of Oulu Polytechnic - Practical Classes of Dance (60 hours) ERASMUS

Professional activities

Currently a freelance choreographer, dance teacher, dancer, singer, writer. Retired.

September 2015 - Autumn 2018 TU Baltic Institute of Film, Media, Arts and Communication, hourly lecturer (character dance); Teacher at Adamson Dance School (classical ballet); Lecturer at Tallinn Folk University, etc.

Sep 1 1983 - Aug 31 2015 Lecturer in dance (character and classical ballet) at Tallinn University (9 associate professors);

1989-1999 Teacher-teacher of Character Dance at Tallinn Ballet School; four times member of the State Examining Board (Ballet and Character Dance); has prepared / created four state exams and character ballet schools for spring concerts.

1973-1993 Dance and singing solo at the Tallinn Variety Bar (last year at the Olympics).

Professional organizations

Estonian Acters Union (2009), Estonian Theater Union , Estonian Ballet Union (2006), Estonian Dance Education Association (1996).